The IT industry

We have the necessary competence and resources to implement IT infrastructure projects of any size. We can help at any stage from planning to implementation and maintenance of the IT infrastructure and ensure a high level of performance. Send us a description of the problem your business needs to solve. We will suggest possible solutions and estimate the cost of completing it.

Our IT Solutions services

The NonSleep system (driver fatigue monitoring and warning system)

Non-contact worker flow statistics system - StatSystem

All-around vision system with DVR function

BR Fuel Monitoring System

Intelligent ISS System

EyesTrix 360 all-round vision system

WLaseR work area line

Online video surveillance service via website and mobile app

Development, implementation and support of information systems

Complete solutions for efficient office space organization

The entire range of equipment and systems needed to effectively manage any level of hotel

A full range of reliable telecommunications solutions

Professional video wall displays, media facades, systems and equipment for professional broadcasting

Supply, installation and commissioning of equipment and systems for airports and helicopter aerodromess, meteorological stations and hydrological equipment


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    Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, Al-Farabi Ave 45, office 26
    Tel.: +7 708 162 43 65, +7 702 501 55 53
    Tel.: +7 (727) 327 60 50

    Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, Al-Farabi Ave 45,
    office 26
    Tel.: +7 708 162 43 65, +7 702 501 55 53
    Tel.: +7 (727) 327 60 50

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